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Bagging Machine Operator

Location: Littleton, NH


The Bagging Machine Operator is primarily responsible for the efficient set-up and operation of the bagging machine. The bagging machine operator also directs and monitors the activities of the line helper assigned to the bagging machine work cell.


  • Responsible for the overall set up and operation of the bagging machine.
    1. Select correct bags as identified in the Batch Record
    2. Load and thread bags
    3. Align Print Head for appropriate print location on bag
    4. Correct routing of bag webbing tail into collection container
    5. Set and adjust speed for maximum output rate.
    6. Monitor output of product for correct and complete printed information and proper heat seal on bags.
    7. Bag splicing
  • Ability to complete all paperwork (Work order, Batch Record, Shift report information form) for bagging machine production line.
  • Ensure material dispensing bins contain a sufficient quantity of material to prevent production line from stopping.
  • Update equipment status identification cards to ensure the correct status of the equipment is identified at all times.
  • Lead the line during exercises to ensure line helper performs stretching and exercise requirements.
  • Be aware, understand and communicate to line helper the output rate/ efficiency goals required for the Part Number being produced. Recognize causes for not achieving output rate and work to identify and implement possible solutions to correct output rate deficiencies.
  • Provide information and feedback to production supervisor concerning line helper performance.
  • Complete all training requirements for equipment and/or production line (s) responsible for leading.
  • Ensure compliance with cGMP requirements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
  • Ensure that all required documents and forms are completed with correct and accurate information. (Batch Records, Hourly Checks, Material Accountability …)
  • Ensure Line helper is following all rules and company guidelines.
  • Conduct on-the-job training to ensure line helpers understand requirements of the job and have the knowledge/skills to meet the quality and safety requirements for the production activities being performed.
  • Monitor and audit the quality of product being packaged – correct and legible lot and date codes, quantities, bag seal and overall condition of the finished good product.
  • Promote a positive work environment through professional and courteous interaction with co-workers.
  • Authority to stop the line due to quality issues, machine problems or questions from line helper.
  • Solicit feedback and ideas from Line Helpers on opportunities to improve overall production line operations.
  • Provide constructive feedback and ideas to management that will enhance health and safety of the general work environment; boost employee morale; improve operational efficiencies and outputs; improve product quality; or reduce costs, scrap, or waste.
  • Coordination and completion of Line Clearance activities
  • Communication of equipment problems to Production Supervisor and or Line leader.
  • Manage movement of material into and out of the bagging machine work cell area including accurate counts and attachment of material identification/count sheets.
  • Overall cleanliness of production equipment and area surrounding the equipment.
  • Communication of line output, team activities and or problems to supervisor for daily production shift reports.


  • High school degree, GED, or successful work history
  • Basic math and reading skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Ability and willingness to take charge and direct others.
  • Ability to perform repetitive lifting of up to 50 lbs, stand for prolonged periods and perform repetitive motions, primarily utilizing upper body extremities
  • Strong knowledge and competency with the operations and processes in the assigned area.
  • Ability to perform in a team environment and maintain high rates of repetitive manual activities.
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Must be able to work overtime hours as required.


You can download the application below and submit in person, via email at or via fax at 603-444-6735.

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